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Nurture Nest is a company founded on the principle of parenting naturally, offering parents the essential products and tools needed to raise their children in a "modern natural environment." 

Nurture Nest has a range of eco-friendly, USA-made, hand crafted, and local products to meet the needs of every family trying to provide the best for themselves. We also offer educational opportunities and classes that will demonstrate and explain how to implement these practices into their household. Classes for parents include breastfeeding, naturally prepared childbirth class, CPR, first aid, newborn basics and pregnancy, along with demonstrations on cloth diapering, baby wearing and making natural remedies. Classes for children music and dance along with weekly free playgroups with other moms. 

“We believe Niantic is the perfect place to offer a business seeking a community-oriented approach to natural parenting,” Nurture Nest Owner Korie  said. “We chose Niantic for the feel, this town has such a fantastic sense of community. You feel it as you take a walk down Main Street. It has grown so much over the years and living in the community has brought us an even stronger tie to the area. Before we started looking for a space we knew exactly where we wanted to be. We are excited to bring this store to the area and to give families choices and a personal experience when it comes to shopping for products for their families and friends.”


And we are so happy to say we now sell  our products online! 

Korie Witcraft

I am the mother of 3 girls and have been in the childcare field for over 15 years.  I started as a teacher in an established daycare, and for the past 10 years have been running my own in-home daycare. My passion for natural parenting came when we made the decision to try and get pregnant, and found out we would have to go through IVF (In‐vitro fertilization) to do so. Struggling through that process emotionally and physically in such a medical and sterile environment made me strive to have as natural of a pregnancy and labor and delivery as I could. When you meet your child you want nothing more in this world then to handle them with love and care and provide a safe and nurturing environment for them. 

Within the past few years my passion for natural parenting has extended into helping mothers in the area by talking about cloth diaper options, natural toy options, and loaning my carriers out to give mothers a lifesaving tool in surviving multiple children. I am so excited to see moms wanting to explore this world. I know with our passion for this field and our knowledge of our products we will be able to change the lives of the families that we reach. 

Becky Embree

Mom to two active kids (a boy and girl), I was born and raised in Niantic.  Being part of Nurture Nest has been a way for me to combine my hometown pride and love with an “interest in using eco-friendly, natural products in my home.” Becky was first introduced to cloth diapering by Korie and Nurture Nest. “I loved visiting Korie every week for advice and some social time-it’s important to be able to talk to other adults and have a place to go for support.” As the wife of a pharmacist, you can imagine it would be easy to have a home full of medications, but I have enjoyed finding natural alternatives for many of these things.  “Many of the products we carry truly made a huge difference in how I raised my kids, and I am thrilled to be able to pass on my passion to others.”  

My favorite part of being at Nurture Nest is “getting to meet all the moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers” who frequent the store, events and classes.  It serves as a reminder that small towns can still thrive and that downtown Niantic is truly special!

9 Methodist St. Niantic, CT, 06357


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