Jacquelene Amoquandoh
July 28, 2016

Round 2: Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier

The Lille Baby has many perks- one of them being you do not need a newborn insert to carry a newborn 7lbs +. It also has a large front pocket and has six carrying styles. The price is also comparable and ranges from $140-$160 depending on color or print.

Initial Reaction
Shannon, a local baby wearing expert, and Korie fit me for the Lille Baby. I was eager to see if the all weather would feel cooler during the hot summer days because of its mesh fabric in the front. You can unzip a flap in the front to expose this mesh and its supposed to be cooler during summer time. We had a bit of trouble getting the perfect fit for me with the Lille Baby. The shoulder straps weren’t able to tighten enough for the ideal fit. Therefore, Aurelia felt like her weight was sagging down in the front. My initial reaction was, I miss my Tula! But of course, I knew I had to give it some time.

Long wear comfort
Well I wouldn’t say this is uncomfortable but it’s also not comfortable… I would compare it to either being cozy all tucked in bed (TULA) or having your blankets loose and messy. It is a matter of preference. After a while Aurelia’s weight really sagged down in the front and she wasn’t in the correct position where I was close enough to kiss the top of her head.

I was much cooler in this carrier than I was in the Tula. Whether that’s due to the air flow from the mesh zip down panel or the fact that baby girl was not as snug on my chest and the sag created a little air flow, I am not sure, but I did not find myself sweating.

Overall fit
As I said before we had trouble tightening the carrier enough to fit me. I imagine, if you are small, this may not be the carrier for you. It really did not fit me well. There isn’t anything really to explain but it’s just too big. It also felt very bulky on me. My husband however, who is about 6ft tall, loves this carrier. Aurelia seemed happy in the carrier though. There is a snap on extension for additional head support which is a great benefit for babies who can not hold their heads up yet. But for Aurelia, she would sink down low and the head support would go up around her face. After reading many comments on the Lille Baby site, people LOVE their Lillebaby carriers! What I disliked: the bulky straps, people loved and called them “cushioned” It is a matter of preference I guess!



Back Carry
Again, either get help with the back carry or make sure you are an expert- it is easy to get all discombobulated. So not to totally throw you off but this carrier felt great while carrying baby girl on my back! I actually worked for a few hours with her on my back and felt totally comfortable. I left the head support down so Aurelia could look around a little more. I did adjust the chest strap lower again, as I had to with the Tula. While her weight still sagged, it did not bother me as it did with the front carry. Hmm….

Pro’s: It does not require a newborn insert for babies 7lbs +. It has six carrying styles. This carrier is very cool in hot temperatures. It has lots of add-ons including a front pocket, a head support, a hood, it can be adjusted to wide seat or narrow depending on baby’s size and apparently people love the extra padded straps!

Con’s: This carrier may not be the best for smaller framed women. Also, while some think the extras are great, I found them a bit annoying. I felt like an octopus with the hood hanging down, the head support not clipped in and the air flow panel unzipped. Of course I could take the time to put these all into place where they are supposed to go, but who has time when you have a baby!

Overall: I want to love this carrier! And I think many do- it just didn’t fit me properly.